1- What is the criteria for selection to the KICK OFF Grassroot Football Training Program ?

Since the basis of the training program is "Catch them young", young boys born between 01.01.2007 and 31.12.2008 (both the dates inclusive) are now selected for this training. This is a pilot project. Based on the success of this project more programs will be conducted in future.

2- Why girls are not selected for this training ?

For this initial project only boys are considered. Girls will be included in the later programs.

3- How is the selection done ?

The selection is done based on the established rules of football. In the first phase, 50 boys will be selected based on the performance of three tests viz. zig zag, 2 vs 2, and speed test. The top 50 performers will be selected initially and will be given two weeks orientation training. At the end of this training 25 candidates will be selected for the program.

4- What happens if the 50th and 51st candidates have equal score in the three tests ?

In case of a tie between two candidates having got equal total score in the tests, the speed test result will be considered and the faster one will get preference. In case of further tie in speed test as well, the taller one will be given preference.

5- How is the test result grades arrived at ?

For zigzag and 2 vs 2 tests, grades A,B,C,D,E,F are marked with A =10, B=9, C=8, D=7, E=6, and F=5 marks. For the speed test which is 25 meters run, candidates finishing within 3.01 to 3.50 seconds will be given A grade, 3.51 to 4.00 B grade, 4.01 to 4.50 C grade, 4.51 to 5.00 D grade, 5.01 to 5.50 E grade, and 5.51 to 6.00 seconds will be given F grade. The actual speed in seconds will be considered while tackling the tie between two equal scores.